Acid Washing

Acid washing your pool is a great way to thoroughly remove all of the embedded dirt, discoloration, and overall buildup in your pool. Acid washing your pool is the deepest cleaning method possible, but acid washing your pool too much can lead to potential damages on the surface since the chemicals used during the process are harsh and can be hazardous when not handled by professionals. The process of acid washing your pool takes time and also requires draining all of the water. For these reasons, most pool-owners, who take care of their pool, will only need to consider acid washing it once every five years or so.

What is Acid Washing?

As mentioned previously, acid washing is the process of draining all of the water in your pool and applying a liquid acid solution to the interiors of the pool. This cleaner removes the toughest of stains and discoloration that are often present in the corners and around the edges of the pool. It can also remove algae, calcium, and other harsh buildups that can harden and become difficult to remove with standard cleaning techniques. The acid is distributed evenly throughout the interiors of your pool and used to completely clean the surfaces.

Benefits of Acid Washing

The main benefits of acid washing include removing years of buildup that can otherwise not be removed with standard cleaning, as well as revitalizing your pool to look as new and clean as possible. Acid washing can help get rid of the appearance of deterioration and can add value to your pool while saving you time and money from having to resurface or replace the interior lining or plastering. Acid washing essentially gives your pool a fresh start for prolonged use.


Handling such harsh chemicals can be a challenge for those who are untrained or inexperienced to do so. Fortunately, our team of professional pool experts has years of experience to assist you with acid washing your pool with maximum safety and full efficiency. We plan and execute the process of acid washing so that you’re able to safely and securely utilize your pool without coming in contact with harsh chemicals that could be dangerous. Our pool experts handle the acid chemicals with all safety precautions in mind and ensure that your family remains safe throughout and your pool comes out looking great and better than ever!


There’s no set number of times that you need to acid wash your pool in order to keep it functioning well and looking great. We recommend having your pool acid washed every five years or so to remove any buildup or discoloration. If your pool is acid washed too frequently, this can lead to extensive and expensive damages to the surface lining of the pool because of how harsh the chemicals are. Instead, we recommend having one of our team members inspect your pool on an annual basis and give you further considerations of when to schedule acid washing, should your pool require it more frequently in a 5-year time span.

Should you hire an Acid Washing Service?

There are a lot of reasons why you might need an Acid Washing Service. A few of the most common ones are:

  • You are ready to sell your home.
  • You have an unused pool, and you want it clean before putting it on the market.
  • Your pool is beginning to show signs of neglect like algae build-up or dirt.  Or perhaps something happened that caused a lot of damage (kids playing in the water while wearing their shoes for example).
  • You are making major repairs to your pool.
  • Your filter needs a new sand cartridge or you need to re-align the pump with the grid on it.
  • You have noticed that there is a brownish tint in the water, and you want someone else to take care of it for you because this might be something hard to do all by yourself especially if not familiar with how pools work.

There are many reasons why people hire Acid Washing Services but most often they have finally decided that their time has come and they just don’t feel like doing those things anymore themselves! They just want someone who knows what they’re doing (even though these days everyone seems to know about swimming pools!)  And when hiring an Acid Washing Service, we are here to tell you that we are the ones for you!

What are the Benefits of Acid Washing Services?

The benefits that you get from hiring our company’s Acid Washing Service include:

  • Guaranteed high-quality work
  • Flexibility to meet your needs
  • Save time and money with a one-time service
  • Keep the water clean for longer periods.

So give us a call today so we can get started on keeping that pool looking good! When you hire Acid Washing Services, it will be someone knowledgeable about swimming pools that are going to show up at your house or property to provide you with those services. They know all there is when it comes to this type of work and they’re more than happy to help out just as long as they have been hired by you already.

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